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The Belgian Shepherd has four varieties and three distinct coat types yet coat differences aside, the KC Breed Standard or blue print for each is identical which makes him unique in the world of pedigree dogs. The varieties are made up of the long haired Groenendael which is black with a permissible white patch on the chest; the long haired Tervueren which is fawn, red, or grey with a black mask and overlay most pronounced on the neck, chest, shoulders and centre back; the short haired variety is the Malinois who is similarly coloured to the Tervueren but generally with less overlay; and the rough coated Laekenois which is the rarest of the varieties having a much smaller gene pool; his coat is reddish-fawn with black shading mainly on the muzzle and tail. Please click on the names below for information, clubs and breeders for each type.

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