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Bichon Frise

 Photo of Bichon Frise
Photo: Blooming Rose Bud owned by Mr Spiers.

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Group: Toy || Breed Standard


Bichons originate in the Mediterranean region (possibly the Canary Islands), and were bred as lap dogs for the French royalty. They were originally called the Bichon Tenerife. The dogs ended up on the streets during the French Revolution, where they were caught and trained to be circus dogs. But their earliest origins are traced to the African subcontinent.


Ideal height 23-28 cms (9-11 ins) at withers.

Their facial expression should be alert, soft, inquisitive. The eyes are usually very dark, either black or dark brown. The skin surrounding the eye is also very dark. The nose and lips are always black. The ears are drop and covered in long, flowing hair.

The muscle tone is of exceptional quality, especially the lower thighs and buttocks area.

They have a soft, dense undercoat and a curly outercoat, giving it a powderpuff look. The coat feels thick and should spring back if touched. Almost completely white, sometimes with cream, apricot or buff shadings usually around the ears. At least 90% must be white in a purebred Bichon for show. At least 50% must be white in a Bichon Puppy for show. Color fades during the first year of life. During this time the coat also changes from puppy fluff to frise.

Care must be taken to keep the face of a Bichon Frisé clean and trimmed, as eye discharge and mucus tend to accumulate in the hair that grows in front of their eyes, which can lead to serious problems. Furthermore, Bichon owners must take care to thoroughly clean their dog's hind (anal) area with a damp cloth after each bowel movement, as the breed's curly hair will quickly tangle in an environment of dried excrement. You should always try to brush their hair 2-3 times a week. The hair, however, can be puffed up if groomed correctly, and their tails curl over their back.


They are often devoted to their masters and also have a common fondness of licking their owners.

Breed Health

The Bichon lives around about 13-16 yrs and when they get older they have a high chance of knee problems.


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