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Entlebucher Mountain Dog

 Photo of Entlebucher Mountain Dog
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The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a breed of dog in the Swiss mountain dog family of breeds. It is also known as the Entlebucher Sennenhund, Entelbuch Mountain Dog, Entelbucher Cattle Dog and similar combinations. This breed was used originally for driving and guarding cattle. Like all of the Swiss mountain dogs, its origins are ancient, probably dating back to Roman times, but today's breed standards were solidified in the 1800s when Franz Schertenleib made a concerted effort to track down, identify, and breed this small mountain dog. The breed is named for the Swiss town of Entlebuch in Lucerne.


Entlebuchers are always tricolor (black, tan, and white). For show dogs, the markings should be symmetrical. The dog weighs 55-60 pounds (25-30 kg) and stands about 19 to 20 inches (48-51 cm) at the shoulder.


These muscular dogs are good guard dogs but are also excellent with children. However, they can be very boistrous and could be too much for a novice owner to handle.


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