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German Longhaired Pointer

 Photo of German Longhaired Pointer
Photo: courtesy of Brenda Moss

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Group: Gundog - Breed Standard


The GLP was developed in Germany as a versatile hunting dog which could be used on a variety of game and as an excellent retriever from land or water. It's origins come from the Spanish Falconing dog (Espaignolz), the Stober dog and Brackens which were scent hounds. It was originally called the Deutsch Langsam, or slow dog, but in the early 1800s English setter blood was added to produce a faster pace and a better nose. Too much was added and they began to lose retrieving skills, keenness and the willingness to please. Owners agreed to breed a brown long haired dog which contained all of its Germanic qualities with the addition of a small infusion of English field specialist skills. What they achieved was “German marmalade with a little English Sauce".

In 1879 a breed standard was written based on the qualities of 5 foundation dogs and brown was deemed the only acceptable colour. The Deutsch Langhaar, or Game Wardens Dog, became popular as a foresters dog that was used for tracking deer and wild boar and, being versatile, as a good gamebird dog too. It lived as a family member so temperament became an important breeding factor. A strict breed master system of breeding the best to the best both in looks and ability has protected original breed type to the present day. The FCI classification is Vorstehhund (Spaniel Type).


Ideal height: Dogs 63-66 cms (25-26 ins); Bitches 60-62 cms (24-24½ ins). Weight: Approx. 30kgs (66lbs).

The GLP is a noble dog, elegant and with a powerful, substantial appearance. Medium built it has good bone and is rectangular in shape. Great emphasis is placed on a correct coat which is of medium length on the body with feathering on the chest, legs and tail. It can be wavy and is strong to the touch, an undercoat is essential. Hair on the ears should be longer than the leathers. Colours Solid Brown, Brown and White, White and Brown, Brown Ticked, White Ticked.


It has a very good nose and is a superb game finder and an excellent swimmer. It has a craving for human companionship combined with a willingness to please. Its excellent manners could allow it to adapt quite comfortably to a family environment, which it did originally as a forester's dog, provided a degree of basic training is installed.

Breed Health

There are about 200 German Longhaired Pointers in the UK, USA and Scandinavia. As with any breed with a small gene pool, genetic disorders can occur, but there are no major problems with the breed. All UK owners hip score before breeding, the mean score being 14.


No more than the average gundog but potential owners must be advised the GLPs hunting instinct has not been diluted. Owners with previous experience of other gundog breeds are recommended.


They are highly intelligent, athletic and love to work, traits which make them suitable for many dog sports, especially field trials, obedience and agility. See our books on training

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