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German Pinscher

 Photo of German Pinscher
Photo: Anita Fryer

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The German Pinscher originated in Germany and is included in the origins of the Dobermann, the Miniature Pinscher, Affenpinscher, Miniature Schnauzer, Giant Schnauzer and the Standard Schnauzer. These medium-sized dogs descended from early European herding and guardian breeds and were not related to the superficially similar terriers of Great Britain. They were used as ratters and guarding the stables and farms in Germany.


The German Pinscher is a medium sized dog typically 43-48 cms (17-19 ins) in height. Colors for this breed vary but are similar to related descendant breeds such as the Doberman and the Miniature Pinscher and include black and tan, red, fawn, and blue and tan. There are also a few colors for this breed that became extinct during the world wars of the twentieth century. These include solid black and salt-and-pepper. Smooth short glossy dense single coat.


Similar to the Miniature Pinscher, the German Pinscher is of extremely high intelligence and strong willed. They are generally very friendly and playful when properly socialized but care must be used around young children. Because of their hunting instict, they are not always a good "off lead" dog in open areas

Breed Health

Generally a healthy breed. Breeders test hips, elbows and eyes in most countries.

Breed Care

Minimal. Needs occasional brushing and bathing occasionally. Does not have the usual doggie smell.


This is an active dog that needs plenty room for exercise if not walked. Apartment life is suitable only if exercised daily.


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