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Italian Spinone (Pet Love)

Italian Spinone (Pet Love)


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KC Group: Gundog Group


There has been much talk about where the Italian spinone originated from. Some say it was from the Lombardy and Venetia areas and others say it was from the piedmont. What we do know is that The Italian Spinone is an ancient breed from Italy. There have been descriptions of Spinone type dogs going back to 500BC. There are breeders in Italy where families have maintained lines that trace right back to the 16th century.

The Spinoni came to England in the early 1980s. Mary Moore (Odivane) imported 4 and from these four comes the majority of today’s breed in England.
The Italian Spinone was on The Kennel Club’s rare breeds’ list, but due to its ever growing popularity it was taken off in 1994 and granted Championship status.


The Italian Spinone is one of the few HPR (hunt point retrieve) gundogs. They have a working character unique to themselves, covering the ground with a fast trotting gait and are able to work in woods, open land and, as they have webbed toes, can work wonderfully in water. They are gentle, sweet natured animals, with an almost human expression and make good family pets. They are excellent with children and form a life time bond. They will also live happily with other animals. Spinone are very sensitive dogs and do not like being left alone for long periods of time, becoming bored and become destructive. You must have a good sense of humour as your dog will have one and test yours at every opportunity. They need plenty of exercise on reaching maturity, however until they do reach this stage care must be given not to over exercise them until their bones have developed. Once he has fully matured he will work in a field all day long and really thrives in this environment running free, although with his great scent can come all sorts of trouble, which is why training is a must and should begin as a young pup. Italian Spinones can be very headstrong and so what you put in as a pup will benefit both you and him as he grows. The bond which forms between a spinone and his family is wonderful. Spinoni love their food and can on occasions feel they need to help themselves to whatever is on the table, worktop or dustbin.


Height Males 60-70cms (23½ - 27½ ins). Females 58-65cms (22¾ - 25½ins)
Weight Males 34 -39 kgs. Females 29 34kgs

The spinone is a squarely built large boned dog.

Breed Health

The Spinone is a strong dog and if cared for correctly will live a long healthy life. A test for cerebella ataxia is now in place and all breeding stock should be tested prior to mating. Another health test is to have all breeding stock hip scored prior to mating. At this time the average is 16.

Breed Care

Spinoni coats can get very long if not kept on top of, daily brushing is a must. Beards should be washed daily as infections can start very quickly in the moist lip folds. They should be handstripped and have a coat length of between 1½ to 2¼ins.


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