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Group: Pastoral - Breed Standard


The Kuvasz (pronounced KOO-vahss; plural kuvaszok, pronounced KOO-vah-sock) is a dog breed of ancient Hungarian origin. The word is, contrary to some theories, not of Sumerian origin. These dogs are used to guard livestock. Mention of the breed can be found in old Hungarian texts. Around 2000 B.C., the Magyar tribes moved along the recently established trade routes, conquering the Carpathian Basin in Hungary, bringing with them the Ku Assa, meaning "dog of the horse".

The Ku Assa were used for protection and hunting by the nobility of Hungary during the 15th century. When the Ottoman-Turkish take over occurred, their name was changed to Kawaz. The dogs were returned to their original task of guarding livestock.

In World War II, the dog was almost driven to extinction in Hungary as they were killed for guarding their families from soldiers. It has been suggested that they were hunted at the time, yet some officers were known to take Kuvaszok home with them. After the War, it was revealed that there was less than thirty of the dogs left in Hungary. Since then, due to many dedicated breeders, Kuvaszok have repopulated Hungary.


Height: dogs: 71-75 cms (28-29 ins); bitches: 66-70 cms (26-27 ins).
Weight: dogs: 40-52 kgs (88-115 lbs); bitches: 30-42 kgs (66-93 lbs).

Kuvasz are large dogs with wavy fur that is white in color. Noses should be black, and the eyes almond shaped. They are larger than the average Labrador Retriever. Their facial features are very similar to those of a Golden Retriever, however their build is larger. Some Kuvaszok have been bred to have straighter, less-curly hair. Many enthusiasts feel this is a gross deviation from the breed's true type and its Hungarian origins.


The Kuvasz can be a fiercely loyal and patient pet who appreciates attention but may also be somewhat aloof or independent, particularly with strangers. As for barking, the Kuvasz has been described by some as quiet while others say it is a notorious barker. Ultimately, the question of barking seems to depend on the individual dog but it remains a good rule of thumb for a potential owner to refrain from buying a Kuvasz if barking will be a problem at the home.

Kuvaszok are known to be fierce protectors of their families, which is in keeping with their origins as a guardian of livestock. Given their intelligence, awareness of their surroundings, as well as their size and strength, they can be quite impressive in this role.

They are also said to be incredibly intelligent, and to possess a clownish sense of humor which lasts throughout their adolescence and occasionally into adulthood.


Given their protective nature and their natural strength, training and socialization is a necessity. Despite their intelligence, they should not be perceived as easily trained. Their independent streak can make training a difficult task which can wear on the patience of even experienced owners. As a result, they are not recommended for novices or those who do not have time to train and socialize them properly. See our books on training

For further information, please contact one of the breed clubs of breeders listed below.

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