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Lancashire Heeler

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Group: Pastoral - Breed Standard


Also known as the Ormskirk Heeler, the Lancashire Heeler is a small breed of dog developed for use as a drover and herder of cattle. The Lancashire Heeler is still listed by the Kennel Club as a vulnerable breed.


Ideal height at shoulder: dogs: 30 cms (12 ins); bitches: 25 cms (10 ins).

The coat is smooth with an undercoat which keeps the dog dry in all weathers.It may have a slight mane round the neck in winter. The dog is usually black and tan, but liver and tan is now recognised by the Kennel Club.


It is alert, friendly, energetic, and a pleasant companion. It is a strong dog with great instincts, making it a great ratter.

Breed Health

The Lancashire Heeler has a life expectancy of 12 to 13 years


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