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Large Munsterlander

 Photo of Large Munsterlander
Photo: courtesy of Mrs Pat McCutcheon. Gorsebank Dame Greta Von Ichbin (Zaya)

Large Munsterlander Books

Group: Gundog - Breed Standard


The Large Munsterlander is one of several continental breeds of versatile hunting dogs. Although the Large Munsterlander is one of the last of the German breeds to gain official representation by a separate breed club, the Large Munsterlander was recognized as a color variant of the German Longhaired Pointer prior to that time, bred solely for the black and white color. The Large Munsterlander first gained official recognition in the Munsterland of northwestern Germany in the early 1900s. However, the forerunner of the modern LM can be recognized in artist's representations of hunting scenes as far back as the Middle Ages.


Height: dogs: 60-65 cms (23½ ins); bitches 58-63 cms (23-25 ins).

The Large Munsterlander should be athletic, intelligent, noble, and elegant in appearance. Its body should be the same length as its height at the withers. The dog should be muscular without being bulky. Its gait should be fluid and elastic. The Large Munsterlander is black and white with hair of medium length. This dog has been bred for many decades for hunting and not show. Hence coat color is highly variable, ranging from predominantly white to predominantly black. Markings occur as solid white patches, or ticked or roan regions. The coat is dense, but should be firm and sleek.


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