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 Photo of Sloughi
Photo: courtesy of Maria Goodman

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Group: Hound - Breed Standard


Another breed that hails from Ancient Egypt, from the lop eared sighthounds, and, in more recent times, from Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. It is unknown just how old this ancient breed is, but mummified remains have been found in a tomb in Karnak. They are revered by the Bedouin, who actually mourn them like a member of the family when they die. There are two types of Sloughi, and both may be bred in the same litter. The "Mountain Type" usually comes in brindle, black mantle in colour and is used to hunt Gazelle and guard the flocks from Jackals, while the "Desert Type" comes in varying shades of sand, and are used to hunt rabbit and hare and small mammals. The Sloughi was first recognised by The Kennel Club in 1972.


Height at withers: dogs 66-72 cms (26-28½ ins), bitches 61-68 cms (24-26½ ins).

The Desert type is slender, light, graceful and elegant, while the Mountain type is more compact with stronger bone, otherwise the two types are identical. The head is fairly strong, without being heavy, the skull is flat and fairly broad, being clearly rounded at the rear and curving into the sides, with a marked frontal bone and pronounced occiput. The muzzle is wedge shaped with its length being about equal to the length of skull, and is refined without exaggeration. The traingular eyes are large, slightly slanted and barely protrude. The flat ears are not too large, being triangular with rounded tips and are carried folded down. Their strong neck is moderately long and very elegant, with fine pleats of loose skin under the throat. Their well laid shoulders are clearly visible, and legs are well muscled. The chest is not too broad and they have a good tuck-up. The topline is almost level, being relatively short, although slightly longer in bitches. Their croup is bone and haunches prominent.

Their loins are broad and slightly arched. Feet are thin and of an oval shape, like a hare. The tail is long, fine and without fringes, curving at the end, it should not be carried higher than the back when moving. They move with a free flowing gait and are capable of great speed.

Their coat hair is tough and fine. Colours are sable or fawn in all shades, which can be with a black mask, also the coat can be more or less dark, white, brindle, black with tan points, brindle pattern on fawn background on head, feet and sometimes breast.


The Sloughi are a very "human" breed with very expressive faces, their eyes being gentle and looking a little sad. They are wistful ? almost meloncholy, very decorative and not demonstrative to anyone but the immediate family. They are excellent with children, indeed the Bedouin would not keep a breed that does not live happily with the family. However they are not a breed that will play with children, and if this is what you require from a dog then it is not the breed for your family. As with all animals, children must be taught to respect them. They are aloof with strangers, merely tolerating them. They tend to be more of a one-man dog, although they will guard and have an affinity with the whole family. Despite the fact that they can be independent they are also very affectionate, particularly with their immediate owner.

Breed Health

The Sloughi is generally a healthy breed, and there are no known hereditary problems. Expected life span is about 12 to 15 years.

Breed Care

The Sloughi needs only minimal grooming. They tend to moult seasonally, when it is necessary to remove the dead hair with a brush. The hair is easily cleaned up as it falls out in clumps. At about one year old they will "blow" their coat, particularly with the bitches the hair will become very patchy. As with the seasonal moult, brushing should be regular to help remove the dead hair.


The Sloughi is an endurance hound, and as such will need as much exercise as you can give them daily.


Some Sloughis have been trained to do agility, but they are not really an obedient dog and have their own set of rules, however, they are very well behaved. They are very intelligent and will generally do what the owner asks of them, but only through kindness. They will not tolerate any kind of harsh treatment. See our books on training

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