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Group: Pastoral - Breed Standard


The Collie originated in Scotland approximately 200 years ago. However, the true origins are rather vague. It is known that Highland Shepherds began breeding selectively, and found them valuable working partners, not only out on the moors herding, but also as drovers when taking their stock to the far cities. The first recorded show for Collies was in 1860 and held in Birmingham.


Height: dogs: 56-61 cms (22-24 ins) at shoulder; bitches: 51-56 cms (20-22 ins) at shoulder. Weight: dogs: 20.5-29.5 kgs (45-65 lbs); bitches: 18-25 kgs (40-55 lbs).

The Smooth Collie is slightly longer than it is tall, with a level back and a deep chest. The features of the head, particularly the "sweet" expression, are considered very important in the show ring. The breed has a long muzzle, flat skull, and semi-erect ears (although, in practice, the ears typically must be folded over and taped in puppyhood, or they will be fully upright in the adult dog). The coat consists of a soft, extremely dense undercoat and straight, harsh outer guard hairs. The guard hairs are one to two inches long, with the longer hair mainly in a ruff around the neck and on the backs of the thighs. The coat requires a thorough weekly brushing. Shedding is moderate most of the year, heavy during the twice-yearly shedding season. Smooth Collies come in four colors, three of which are considered acceptable by all standards worldwide. The universally accepted colors are sable (Lassie's color; can be light gold to deep mahogany), tricolor (mainly black with tan markings), and blue merle (silvery gray marbled with black), all marked with white areas on the chest, neck, feet/legs, and tail tip. Kennel clubs in the United States and Canada also accept white, sometimes called color-headed white. These Collies are predominantly white, with heads (and usually a body spot) of one of the other three colors.


The Collie is a highly intelligent dog, being happy and affectionate. Sensitive to your mood - when you are happy then so are they, but when you are sad they are miserable. A graceful and gentle breed which is eager to please and has a great sense of humour. It is a well known fact that Collies love everyone, except when strangers come on to their property. They will happily allow the stranger to enter, but rarely allows them to leave until he is sure that they are lawful and that you are aware there has been a visitor. The Collie makes an excellent family pet, who can be a one man's do or equally devoted to all the family. Whilst growing up, like any child, the odd thing may startle them, but they are soon reassured.

Breed Health

In general, they are a healthy breed and can live 15 years. Breeders generally test their breeding stock for hip dysplasia and annually for Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Puppies should be tested for Collie Eye Anomaly between the ages of 5 to 7 weeks.


The Collie actually requires very little exercise, but a daily walk will help to keep them fit and their muscles toned. They will happily trek miles with you, but are equally content to lie or sit by you all day. However, when you move, they will move ? just like your shadow!


Being intelligent and quick to learn, Collies train relatively easily ? especially as they are also willing to please! They should be taught with love and patience, never harsh methods. They are a true trusting, willing and obedient friend. See our books on training

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