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Run by dog lovers for dog lovers in the UK, our primary purpose is to spread the word about responsible dog ownership and dog breeding. We aim to provide you with all the help and information and the right contacts that you need to have a happy, healthy relationship with your dog.

The Dog Scene provides a lot of information concerning pedigree dogs, and more is being added all the time. We strive to provide quality articles and information, so if there is a specific topic related to dogs that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time. If you have written an article that you would like to share with our visitors, we'd be more than pleased if you submit it to us for publication.

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Buying A Dog

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A dog can live for up to 15 years or more, so it is important to ensure that you and family really want a dog, will be able to give that dog the love and attention it deserves for the rest of its life, and know where to find the best place to get one from.

Dog Care

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Dog Health

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Visit here for lots of information articles on Dog Health

Dog News & Reviews

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Dog Training & Behaviour

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A well-behaved dog is a true pleasure to have around anybody. An unruley disobedient do is an absolute nightmare and its own worse enemy.

Dog Breeds

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The Dog Scene has profiles for all breeds of dogs that are recognised by The Kennel Club. Under each breed profile you will find Dog Breeders, Advisors and Breed Clubs to aid in your research for the perfect dog breed for you and your family.

Dog Breeding

(6 Articles 3532 views )
Many people thing that it would be nice to breed from their dog, without realising the responsibility and often heartache that goes hand-in-hand with Dog Breeding.

Dog Resources

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Your complete dog resources for the internet! Here you'll find everything you need, from a dog bed, pet supplies, dog insurance, dog toy, plus dog trainers, dog boarding kennels, and a whole lot more!

Members Stories

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Site Help & Information

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