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Articles & Links

We believe that education in all aspects of dog ownership is of paramount importance, so please feel free to download any articles on this site for your own use or to share with a friend. If you would like to reprint any articles for insertion into the newsletter of a non-profit organisation that's great — but please write to us first to let us know and to obtain copyright permission. Please note that we do not give permission to reproduce any of our articles on other web sites. This is because articles are constantly being updated, therefore any reproductions will become out of date. However, no permission is required to place a link to any pages or articles contained within this site. If you wish to reproduce any articles for a profitable organisation, please write to us. Please respect our copyright — if you are in any doubt, it only takes a second to write to us, and we always reply promptly.

This section is always being updated with new articles, so please ensure you call back regularly!


Buying a Dog

If you are thinking about buying a dog then check this section out first!


These articles & links do NOT replace taking your dog to a vet.


Articles & links on feeding dogs. A very controversial subject!


Covers everything you need to know about breeding, articles for the novice and experienced


A must for anybody breeding, whether a novice or with lots of experience


For showing, agility, obedience, flyball,
heelworkto music, etc.

Training & Behaviour

Tips and articles on having a well behaved dog




Learn about your dog's structure, why they move and stand like they do.

Dogs & The Law

How does the law affect you and your dog?



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