What does KC Registered mean?

What does KC Registered mean?
Any purebred dog who meets The Kennel Club's requirements for registration may be registered and receive "papers". The papers can't tell you if the dog is of good quality or if it even looks like the breed it is supposed to be. All it can tell you is that the dog is registered and his records are kept on file. Most people misunderstand this important point! Many, many poor quality dogs are AKC registered. You can't judge a dog's quality from looking at only his registration papers or pedigree.

Many people believe that when a puppy is registered with The Kennel Club that is a guarantee that the breeder is a responsible breeder, that the puppy is well bred.

This could not be further from the truth! It is no guarantee that the puppy is healthy or has even been bred by a reputable breeder. The Kennel Club makes no checks whatsoever; they simply receive the paperwork and register it. This means that indeed, the puppy might not even be the puppy on the registration certificate.

Although The Kennel Club has a code of ethics and rules to abide by, there are many scams and ways to get around these - and you can be sure that the devious puppy farmer knows them all!

To register a puppy with The Kennel Club is simple -- as long as both its parents are already registered. All you have to do is to complete a form with the details of the litter born -- when the mating took place, date of birth, dam, sire, breed, colour and preferred name. You then send off the form to The Kennel Club with your money. That's all it is -- there are no checks to ensure that the information you have sent is correct -- it is merely a registration system and is based on trusting the breeder is telling the truth.

So, why do breeders register at all? Most responsible breeders also compete with their dogs as part of their hobby, but to compete in official shows and trials, the dog must first be registered with The Kennel Club.

The Kennel Club also have a "puppy list" for those looking to purchase a puppy. However we do NOT recommend that you use this list as once again no checks are made upon the breeders. We personally know that The Kennel Club has had, whom we consider, puppy farmers and other irresponsible breeders on this list. The only requirement to be included on this list is that you do not breed more than four litters a year, other than that you simply pay The Kennel Club money and they include you on the list.

Having said all that you might be wondering why then should you bother to buy a puppy that is KC Registered? Well the fact is that the majority of responsible breeders register their puppies with the Kennel Club. But the point is you should not believe that it means that you are getting a well bred puppy from a responsible breeder just because it has a Kennel Club registered certificate.



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