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The origins of the Affenpinscher are far from certain, but they have been depicted in artwork in Germany dating back as far as the 17th century. It is believed they originally may have been a farm dog and ratter, possibly larger in size than todays Affenpinscher. During the 18th and 19th centuries the Affenpinscher appears as a house-pet and companion.


Size: Height: 24-28 cms (9?-11 ins) | Weight: 3-4 kgs (6?-9 lbs)

Although a small dog, the Affenpinscher is sturdy in build and far from delicate. Their head is fairly small in proportion to their body, with a short, blunt muzzle and prominent, turned up chin. Their mouth is slightly undershot with the lower incisors gripping scissor-like in front of the uppers. Their eyes are round, very dark and sparkling. With shaggy hair standing away from the skull and framing the eyes, now and chin they have a monkey-like expression. They have a short, straight back and their height is about equal to the length of their back, giving them a box-like appearance. Their tail is set and carried high, curling gently over the back when moving. They move with a lively strut. Their rough coat is short and harsh, being dense on some parts of the body and shaggy on others, particularly being longer on the shoulders, neck and head. They come in black, although grey shading is allowed.


A mischievous little character who is lively, inquisitive and confident, they have been described as being "comically serious", or "little ruffians with a swagger". They are loyal and loving companions to their family and friends, but are fearless towards any threat. Providing they are raised with children, they should be good with them. As with any breed, it is important to teach children to be kind to them and treat them with respect. As these dogs were originally bred to be ratters, it is probably not advisable for them to be around pet mice, rats, gerbils or hamsters, ferrets, etc. They are remarkably skillful when handling things with their forepaws when playing and tossing toys.


In general they are a healthy breed. Their life expectancy is about 10 to 12 years.


Although a lively, energetic dog, they do not require a lot of exercise, and will keep fit and healthy by playing in the garden. However, like all dogs, they will of course enjoy walks.


Affenpinschers can tend to have a rather stubborn, typical terrier, attitude, and as such some may be difficult to housetrain.


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